Kevan Cohn, NC & SC Realtor®

It all started in 2014 when Kevan decided to leave his previous career in residential property management to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming his own boss and entering the Real Estate industry.

Within the first several months, he quickly realized that this business had very little to do with sales and was all about building strong relationships and always coming from a place of contribution. Although his first year in the business wasn’t one for the books, the moment he was able to master his mindset and apply a hard work ethic, he found success easily. With his determination to achieve his goals and consistent accountability, he was able to soar and become the successful leader he is today.

Kevan has taken his passion for people to the next level as he has been coaching other real estate brokers into production since 2017. He constantly strives for greatness and is always willing to help anyone who asks for it.

Kevan's mission is to educate, prepare, and assist real estate agents so they too can achieve whatever their heart desires. In his spare time, he spends most warms days on the lake with his partner Kevin and their 4 dogs!